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Mp3 La tienda Video la tienda CD la tienda Download la musica Las novedades Remastering El comienzo
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  • About Our Website:

      Long, long ago in the 70ies and 80ies we - young boys and girls - put our worn, some 20 times copied tapes into our old hoarsing tape recorders and gathered in the doorways, on the park benches or at home of one of us and listened to our favorite songs, often without an idea who the performers were. Time went on, and music has been changing. Many names of those performers have been hopelessly forgotten, but nevertheless our memory has preserved the echoes of the old melodies somewhere in its depth together with tender lyrical tunes and hits of the past discotheques to which we used to dashingly dance with joy (and it was to that music that some of us met their first love).

      Today our studio is pleased to offer You all that music You have been looking for during many years but may be it was not always a success. Old Disco, Italo Disco, Euro-Disco, EuroBeat, Pop, Rock, Rock'n'roll, electronic music, New Wave etc. - all those music is available on our website! We possess the largest collection of music ever issued. Our catalogue numbers more than 30000 albums of various performers from famous Disco / Italo Disco / EuroBeat / Euro-Disco kings as:

      Azul Y Negro, Baby's Gang, Baltimora, Digital Emotion, Droids, Fancy, Ken Laszlo, Koto, London Boys, Mike Mareen, Moroder Giorgio, Orlando Bobby, Pozzoli Silver, Radiorama, Rockets, Ryan Patty, Silent Circle, Trans-X... up to totally unknown performers nevertheless interesting You will for sure recognize many of them as soon as You listen to their songs. On our website, You will find not only the performers belonging the following styles: Disco, Italo Disco, EuroBeat, Euro-Disco, but also performers of other styles and currents, such as rock, pop, electronic music, progressive rock, hard rock, new wave, rap, techno, raggie (1960ies - 2007 incl.).

      But even this is not all: on our website, one will find Russian performers whose tapes You might have been playing long, long ago. Anons, disco arrangements by Sergei Minayev, Bananovye Ostrova (Yuri Chernavski), Primus, Electronny Malchik, Chocolate, Christina, Sherif, Sed'maya Model etc….

      Algunos ejecutores:

      Alisha, Baccara, Baobab, Belle Epoque, Bisquit, Bolero, Bonnie Bianco, Collage, D.D. Sound, Danuta, Daylight, Debut De Soiree, Dee D. Jackson, Demis Roussos, Device, Dominoe, Donna Summer, Droids, Dschinghis Khan, D-Tango, El Pasador, E-Rotic, Fancy, Frank Duval, Gina T, Giorgio Moroder, Gibson Brothers, Goombay Dance Band, Hazell Dean, Hot R.S., Italian Boys, Italo Maxi Hits, Joy, Kano, Kim Wilde, Kylie Minogue, Laser Cowboys, London Boys, Mauro, Max Him, Max Mix, Maywood, Midi Maxi Efti, Munich Machine, Mysterious Art, Neoton Familia, New Baccara, New Romantique, Pandora, Passengers, Patrick Cowley, Peter Jacques Band, Pino D'Angio, Pinocchio, Pupo, Raffaella Carra, Ricchi E Poveri, Richard Sanderson, Roger Meno, Sanremo, Saphir, Savage, Seal, Secret Service, Silent Circle, Silicon Dream, Stars On 45, Syndicate, T. Ark, Taco, Teach In, Telex, The Best Of Italo Disco

      Visiten nuestros catalogos, en ellos mas de 50 mil de posiciones raras!

      70 per cent of the music which we present on our website have never been issued as CDs. We have digitized and re-mastered such music from vinyls and original studio-recorded magnetic albums therefore it is impossible to buy this music from the shops or other places. You can also download fragments of the songs available at the corresponding division of our website, to listen to. We shall be pleased if it will be possible for You to find all that You have probably been seeking (hopelessly?) for a long time. Welcome to our catalogues!!!!

       To place Your order, You are welcome to visit our web-shops!

       Attention! Before You place an order, please read attentively the chapter called How to Order? and proceed with placing Your order if everything suits You.

       When ordering, please will You remember that we are a sound recording studio not an Internet shop.

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